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2x8 chair sketches all!.jpg


June 2016 - Current

Areas of focus

Furniture Design · Industrial Design


How can I make a beautiful, functional chair out of minimal and available materials? How can I take that design and turn it into a family of furniture?

I designed this modern and simple chair to be manufactured from a standard 8' long 2"x8", conserving materials and giving reclaimed lumber a second chance. After showing the chair at an exhibition, I was commissioned to make a set of the chairs, alongside matching stools and a kitchen island out of sustainably harvested ash wood. 

red 2x8 chair front white.jpg
red 2x8 chair back white.jpg

After creating the matching chairs, countertop island and stools in Ash for this modernist cabin, I also made a few stools in other materials, such as​ this model in walnut and cork.

walnut stool top detail.jpg
walnut stool side 1.jpg
raina stool sketches copy.jpg
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