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Donald Trump is many things: A racist, a xenophobe, an imbecile, a dangerous world leader, a fast food lover, the list goes on and on....


Turns out, he also makes a damn good firestarter!   

You're Fired Trump Firestarters

A firestarter in the shape of our (soon to be former) 45th President. Made from recycled candle wax, woodchips and egg cartons.

It’s time to repeat back to “the Donald” one of his all-time favorite phrases (no, we’re not talking about covfefe); it’s time to say “YOU’RE FIRED”. So light one up, turn off the news and enjoy a good fire. 

$30* + Shipping**

*Discounts on larger orders 

**Regional rates vary


Please fill out a form below and I will be in touch with more info on payments and delivery!

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