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December 2017 - August 2019

Areas of focus

Design Build · Interior Design


I've often heard that the most sustainable house is the one that is already built, sometimes they just need a little love. My partner and I spent a year and a half bringing this small 1910 house back to life - from cleaning out years of junk, demolishing interior walls and excavating decades of flooring choices, to creating a warm, vibrant and comfortable space. More than just saving old materials and increasing efficiency, we also installed solar panels, built a garden and backyard composting system, and built custom furniture out of reused or sustainably harvested materials. 

FIRST FLOOR - Opened up new spaces, created warm and clean surfaces and added functionality. Click photos for more project details.

CUSTOM BEDROOM FURNITURE - Built custom cherry bed and modular shelves. Opened up large closet and reclaimed lathe from this and other wall demos to create custom sliding door. 

EXPLORE THE BEFORE - The house was in pretty rough shape, but overall had some great existing features. Sometimes being able to see past the clutter is the most valuable skill for starting a project!

LESSONS LEARNED - Click photos!

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