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January 2013 - November 2014

Areas of focus

Furniture Design · Industrial Design

Team: Ryan Pierson, Sally Zheng


How can you create public seating that accommodates working, eating and socializing while telling the story of its materials and place? 


Park Bar is a modular bench design that brings the comfort of a bar or countertop outside. Whether it is for students working on their laptops, friends enjoying a meal, or simply taking in a view, this design brings a fresh perspective to public seating. This design was a finalist in the Design Museum Boston's Street Seat competition, and was a recipient of a Fast-Forward Syracuse Grant. 

The wood for each park bar installation was specifically sourced either from locally reclaimed or sustainably harvested hardwoods. The steel frame is made of modular legs that can be configured into many different sizes and styles depending on context. 

Park Bar Modularity copy.jpg
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Our design was a finalist in Design Museum Boston’s international “Street Seats” design competition based on its innovative form and use of sustainable materials. It was placed in Boston as part of an outdoor exhibit before being auctioned off by the museum. 


In the Spring of 2014 Syracuse University awarded us a grant to build two Park Bars for the central area of campus. We sourced all of the material locally, using recycled steel and sustainably harvested wood. The benches were installed in October. 

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