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December 2020 - March 2021

Areas of focus

Furniture Design · Design Build


How can an old shed become an escape? I renovated this small former milking shed into a luxurious cedar sauna complete with electric heater, large double layered bench and large dressing room. 

With efficiency and sustainability in mind, I created a super well insulated and sealed space, before building the walls, ceiling, floor and bench out of locally harvested cedar and pine wood.  

Sauna Sketches.png

PROCESS - Taking this old shed to the studs, reframing and cladding, insulating, vapor barriers, flooring, wall paneling, electrical, bench design and build.

FINISH - Pine entry room with insulated door, custom coat rack, small window and benches. 

FINISH - Slatted 10' long cedar bench in a highly insulated and vapor sealed cedar-clad sauna room (with air vents! )

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